What is “Regional Express Rail (RER)”?
It’s what we already have with GO Trains. Trains that are heavier than subways that carry commuters from the outer edges of the city and beyond through the downtown core. The province has already committed $13.5 Billion over 10 years to an RER infrastructure upgrade. SmartTrack is intended as a complement.

How long would it take to build?
Understanding that most of the lines are already in place, Mayor Tory’s campaign estimated SmartTrack would take 7 years. By comparison, the Relief Line is a minimum of 15 years away and would involve construction of a completely new line underneath downtown neighbourhoods.

How much would it cost?
The Tory campaign estimated $8 billion cost, shared 1/3 each by city, province and federal government.

Is any money committed?
Prime Minister Leader Justin Trudeau promised in the election campaign to pay the federal share of SmartTrack, as well as $2 Billion for electrifying GO lines. Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government promises to fund electrification of GO lines, a key element of SmartTrack.

What route would it take?
SmartTrack would run from Markham through centre of downtown, northwest to Mount Dennis, where it would link with the Crosstown LRT which would carry riders to the Airport Corporate Centre in Mississauga.



Approximately 90% of SmartTrack would run along corridors that are already in public hands, so it will not displace any existing roadways.