What people are saying about SmartTrack

“SmartTrack is on a roll, but firm steps need to be taken to keep it moving.”
– Toronto Star editorial

“SmartTrack always was, and continues to be, a great idea to move people around Toronto.”
– Royson James, Toronto Star Columnist

“Smart Track would also:
1) Significantly improve access to the downtown by providing high-speed rail connections from Toronto to Markham and (via a link with the Crosstown LRT) the Airport Corporate Centre — major 905 employment areas for Toronto residents.
2) Resolve the severe overloading of the Yonge subway caused by very large flows from York Region and North York”
– Eric Miller, Director of University of Toronto’s Transportation Research Institute

“We are fully committed to the federal share of SmartTrack.”
– Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

“SmartTrack will be built. It will cut congestion on the Yonge subway line and our roadways, connect people to jobs and bring opportunity to all four corners of our city.”
– Mayor John Tory



Approximately 90% of SmartTrack would run along corridors that are already in public hands, so it will not displace any existing roadways.